Introduction: Moses

(Moses) #1

Hi everyone, I am Moses from India. Glad to be here. Hope to learn and engage more here :slight_smile:

(Lakshmi Mehta) #2

@Moses, Welcome to Connect! Its wonderful to be able to engage with believers all over the globe on Connect. It’s been several years since I left India and I am curious about the questions you encounter in India now as a Christian with the increased information access. I look forward to learning from your experiences.

(Anthony Costello ) #3


Great to have you with us Moses. I hope God will bless you in your time here on Connect. What part of India are you from?

in Christ,

(Moses) #4

Thank you! Hope to learn from you as well :slight_smile: God Bless

(Moses) #5

@anthony.costello Thank you for your warm welcome . I sure believe that I will learn a lot through connect. I am from Chennai, Tamil Nadu.