Introduction: My Name Des

Hi everyone


Welcome to Connect, Des. It’s wonderful to have you join us. How did you find Connect, and what inspired you to join? I look forward to learning more from and with you here. :smiley:


Hi Des! @Des
Glad you’ve joined :relaxed:

Feel free to share more about how you found Connect, and your story in general!
Also, let us know if you need help navigating the site in any way…


Hello Des welcome and nice to meet you. Where do you come from? I just read your question: Errors in Bible. I’ve met such lists of alleged mistakes in the Bible before. I find it very valuable to read such encouraging posts like this in the forums afterwards.

It is also good to know that questions of any kind (even challenging ones) are welcome here at Connect. Therefore: If you have any more questions, just post them here :smiley:

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