Introduction: My Name Here chukwudi kingsley

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Hi everyone
am 25years old from Nigeria, I have decided to obey God’s call, what He has commanded me to do in His name, I always see my self in a dream praying for people to be healed and they get instant healing and I also preach the word of God always in my dreams.

Before now I had a great burden in me, but ever since I turn to God and to obey him the burden has been lifted

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Welcome, my brother, to the RZIM Connect community! Great to have you here.

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Welcome @Chukwudi_Kingsley_Ononiwu. May GOD guide and bless you!

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Welcome to Connect, @Chukwudi_Kingsley_Ononiwu! Very exciting to hear the call that GOD has placed upon your life. May He bless and guide you in everything! :slight_smile:

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can salvation be lost ??

(Kathleen) #7

Hello again! That is such an important question. So glad you asked! I wanted to point you to a couple of conversations that have already been had on this forum. If you read those and find you have some follow-on questions, do ‘ask a question’ to the community. We’d love to engage with you on this. :slight_smile:

(Caleb Eldridge) #8

Welcome! I have two friends from Nigeria that are at the same university as me and go to church with me! I pray that you continue to grow closer to God and show his love to others in Nigeria.