Introduction: My Name Here is MontyD

(Monty Dicksion) #1

Hello. My name is Monty. I am in my mid 60’s. When I was about 20 I decided to believe that Jesus really was who He claimed to be, and I thought that made me a Christian. I didn’t know it at the time but eventually learned that all I had done was to give intellectual assent, and that that did not really make me a Christian.
I lived that way for around 35 years - calling myself a Christian, but essentially I was unchanged.
All that changed about 12 years ago (2007) when regeneration became a reality for me.
It was during that period that I heard a sermon on the internet in which Ravi Zacharias was mentioned. I investigated who that person (R.Z.) was and I have been an avid fan of RZIM ever since. The entire team are all exceptional.
Their lectures have been enlightening in themselves, but with RZIM Connect I hope to be able to take part in two-way dialogues.

(Olivia Davis) #2

Hi Monty! Welcome to Connect!

Thanks for sharing your testimony. I’m so happy that regeneration has become a reality for you. Praise God!

And, yes, please take part in our discussions. I’m sure you have a lot of great things to share that we could all learn from!