Introduction: My Name Here Lawrence Naidoo

(vasandhan naidoo) #1

Hi everyone My name is Lawrence Naidoo - From Johannesburg South Africa. I have attend the RZIM conference in Sri Lanka last year and was truly blessed. Just grateful to be connected to RZIM and their ministry and imparting of great content of The Gospel.

(Keith Byrd) #2

Hi Lawrence! I am sure we are going to truly enjoy and benefit from being involved in this site! I have friends in missions who worked in Johannesburg fro several years and now are out side of Durbin in Amanzimtoti and Seven Rivers!

(Kathleen) #3

Welcome to Connect, @lawrence! We’re so glad you’ve joined us here. So great that you got to be at the Sri Lanka event as well. Was that the one which involved both Ravi and Max Jeganathan? They are both so encouraging to listen to!

(vasandhan naidoo) #4

Dear Keith… Thanks for connecting and replying. That is amazing to hear that the missions continue and been effective for the gospel and to reach to the needy and the lost. I am truly blessed and has RZIM has really improved my lifestyle and ministry.

(vasandhan naidoo) #5

Dear Kathleen…
Thanks so much for your greetings and mail. Yes that was the one, as I met Max and Ravi personally,and travelled from S.A to Sri Lanka. I loved every minute of the conference,the content, humility was just humbling for me.

(Brittany Bowman) #6

Welcome, Lawrence. I live in the United States but travelled to Johannesburg once. You live in a beautiful country. I’m so thankful you have joined us and look forward to learning from you!

(vasandhan naidoo) #7

Dear Brittany
Thanks so much for the greetings ,
and really blessed to have you all to learn from as well.
Genuinely looking forward to connecting and interacting…