Introduction: My Name Here Leny Abawab

Hi everyone, I’m Leny from the Philippines.

I really thank the Lord for leading me to RZIM Connect.

I once heard the name “Rabbi” Zacharias two or three years ago . It was mentioned by my teacher in Bible School and as far as I recall, I heard him say, ”Rabi” /ˈraˌbī/ :slight_smile:
So I thought it was Rabbi Zacharias . I thought our Bible school teacher was talking about a Jewish Rabbi and Zacharias was the name or first name. I did not seem interested to know about this “Rabbi” because I thought to myself I might just get a long series of Rabbinic teachings and I really am not fond of reading. I didn’t take note of the name and it’s also been more than two years since we had the last short conversation with our Bible teacher because he only taught in Bible School as part time teacher. But during this lockdown period, I suddenly thought of the name “Rabbi Zacharias” I don’t know but the name came to my mind so I searched on google and then I came across one of the videos of Ravi Zacharias . My 2 little girls were running around me I couldn’t understand much what I was watching. But Ravi’s teaching video seemed very interesting. So I had to watch again his video the next day. I’ve watched several videos of Dr. Ravi since lockdown – ECQ and I always take notes of the quotations and remarkable statements in his videos. I was so blessed and deeply encouraged by him through his preachings. . My heart was stirred by his courage and passion in preaching the truth of the Gospel. At his age, he was still very zealous. He’s a great man of faith, very humble , full of love and compassion to the lost. For me, he’s the the most brilliant speaker I’ve ever heard. At his age, he still has that very sharp memory.

I don’t know but the very first time I watched Dr. Ravi’s video, I wondered who will take his place, because he’s already in his 70s. Then I happened to watched a video of him and I learned that he was diagnosed of sarcoma cancer. I was so saddened of it. I joined the people around the world fasting and praying for him but His life is in God’s hands, he went home to Lord. I also had wished I could meet him in person one day. Sadly, there’s no chance any longer.
Thank God for RZIM. Certainly, Dr. Ravi has trained and equipped the next generation of apologists. I regret of not knowing about Dr. Ravi at an earlier time, but I believe God’s time was never too early nor too late. His time is always perfect.

God bless RZIM.


Welcome aboard @Leny_Abawan. You’re account was very interesting to read. Made me smile. It is amazing how the Lord works in how the Lord directs the mind as well as our hearts. Thank you for sharing your interesting story about learning about the ministry. I am glad the videos have edified your life. I hope that you are able to participate in the conversations. We are glad that you are here. God-bless you and your journey.


Leny, welcome to Connect! I am glad to hear how you have been blessed by Ravi’s teaching. I was like you in that I only heard of him a short time ago and when I began listening to his talks I had a difficult time following his meaning. I had never heard anyone like him before nor did I understand some of his philosophical terms and concepts. But over time I understood and was also immensely blessed. His work will carry on long after his death and don’t worry, you will meet him some day. :wink:

I hope you are further blessed by this forum and the wonderful people you meet in conversations. I was glad to read the testimony you posted about how God has worked in your life and look forward to getting to know you in this forum if possible. God bless you sister! :blush:


Welcome to the RZIM family @Leny_Abawan
Blessed to have you here with us.