Introduction: My Name Here Paul Cowie

(Paul Cowie) #1

Hi everyone my name is Paul and I’m a recently retired surveyor living in north east England.Im married with 2 adult children and Ive been a Christian since I was 16 .I became interested in apologetics for the past 4 years. I’ve attended some training weekends and a summer school in Oxford and am interested in learning more and getting involved on the community.

(Warner Joseph Miller) #2

Welcome, Paul and glad to have you here in the Connect community. I know that Oxford trainings are top notch and am so glad that, whether directly or indirectly, they’ve lead you here. God bless you, brother and welcome to Connect!

(Paul Cowie) #3

Thanks,it’s always great to be welcomed somewhere new. Can I give a couple of observations I have made in my journey so far. I have always felt somewhat inadequate in being ready to give a good answer to those who ask or pose a difficult question. It was great therefore to come across Apologetics almost by accident when someone at church pointed me in Ravi’s direction over a question I had. I was greatly encouraged by his approach and did a lot of
reading and watching on YouTube and decided to go to the training weekends in Oxford. I was tremendously blessed by the strengthening of my faith that took place through the teaching and discussions ,despite being a Christian for over 40 years ,almost like Good was redigging and adding to my foundations.
In addition I feel more confident now in reacting to “hard” questions people pose. In the past it felt like I had been tossed a medicine ball ( large sand filled leather ball ) used in school PT which were too heavy and unwieldy to handle. I’ve come to understand that there are ways of approaching any issue however difficult to be able to start a conversation or provide some form of insight which may be helpful. The hard question then becomes more manageable like a cricket ball or baseball, still very much present but less scary when first thrown in your direction.
I’m looking forward to learning more in order that I can hopefully be more effective in sharing this wonderful ,glorious good news that we have been given.