Introduction: My Name is Adeline

Hi everyone,

Name as above and am stoke to be a part of the RZIM family. :slight_smile:

Decided to take on the core module cause over the course of my Christian life, have been asked several difficult questions and would really like to learn how to answer them - not just theologically sound but how to meet them the way that Christ would have like to.

I am still learning and know I will continue to do so till we meet again face-to-face, right? :slight_smile:

Anyway, looking forward to reading amazing stuff posted by you guys!! :smiley:




Congratulations @adeline.cyl
Am so bless to meet you and You are Welcome here. Explore the community and join the conversations by blessing us with your contributions.
Grace to Grow


Welcome aboard @adeline.cyl. It is great that you were able to engage the core module. I have said many times at the foundations taught in that course are so important. I am glad that you will be able to share your learning with others who you encounter on this forum. Thank you for coming alongside us. God-bless you and your journey.

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Welcome @adeline.cyl. Your introduction was wonderful to read :heart:
I hope to read more about you as you engage here. I trust Connect will be a blessing. Feel free to offer your thoughts and insight here :pray:


Welcome Adeline! I hope you’re able to find encouragement and grow your faith while connecting with others here.

Keep pressing on!



Welcome to the connect family. :partying_face:

How has engaging in the core module helped you answer some of those difficult questions people are asking you :question:

Connect is a great place to learn how to engage in conversations, but please also contribute and maybe even start a topic yourself.