Introduction: My Name is Alosina


(Alosina Faamausili Banse) #1

Hi everyone. All glory, honour, praise and thanks be to God for RZIM, and the blessed work you share/do. This is a great follow up, its wonderful to be connected. God bless all. Can I get a bank account number for donations to RZIM, I don’t do internet banking, and want to contribute something. I’m in Auckland NZ. Thank you. I’m praying for you too

(Keldon Scott) #2

Welcome @alosinafb. Love having you aboard. I dont have the account, but i am certain someone will. :grin: I look forward to reading your posts.

(Alosina Faamausili Banse) #3

Thanks Keldon, I’m enjoying reading the posts myself. God bless.

(Carson Weitnauer) #4

Hi @alosinafb,

I wasn’t sure how we receive donations from New Zealand, so I checked with our team. The best option we can recommend is to use our online portal:

I apologize if this isn’t a solution that works for you, but it is the best setup we currently have available.

I’m so glad you have joined Connect and I look forward to what’s next!