Introduction: My Name is Andi

(Andi) #1

Hi everyone,

benn here a while and enjoying the different topics and input. Fascinated with apologetics in modern society and how we engage with difficult topics. Looking forward to more exciting discussions and learning.


(SeanO) #2

@Andi Welcome to Connect! May the Lord Jesus bless your time here and fill you with a spirit of wisdom and revelation in knowledge of Him.

(Keldon Scott) #3

Welcome aboard @Andi. I look forward to reading your posts. What do you think is the most fascinating aspects in modern society of apologetics? Thanks for joining. God bless.

(Mona Botros) #4

Hi everyone
Thank you for your warm welcome. Very pleased to join you.
I just heard Professor Jon Lenox talk re artificial intelligence. Such an inspiring man. I read the book Sapiens for Noah Harare and was devastated when I could not find any Christian response on YouTube .
It is great news to hear that a book will be out soon to respond to all the myths Harare claimed.