Introduction: My name is Anita

(Anita Mary Delores) #1

Hi everyone,
I have been reading some posts here at RZIM connect for some weeks now… & finally have the courage to introduce myself. I have been listening to Ravi for just over a year… his messages are such a blessing to me. Born & bred a Catholic, I became very dissallusioned with religion, a judging God, & the whole package of church & do-gooders, & the hypocrasy of it all when I was in my teens. After many years searching, (I am now 66yrs young) I2 years ago I came to know a beautiful, loving & blessed God… Jesus, & the Holy Spirit. & WOW!! What a revelation!! I am now an avid bible reader, & I look forward to this new challenge. Thanks so much for the opportunity to join. With a grateful heart, Anita

(Warner Joseph Miller) #2

Praise God and welcome to Connect, Anita!!! It’s so great to have here and to now have OFFICIALLY introduced yourself to the community. It is my expectant hope that the many insights you receive here from Jesus-followers all over the globe would be a benefit and blessing to you…as I believe YOUR insights will be to the community. Bless you, sister and WELCOME!

(Elizabeth Bays) #3

Hi Anita, thank you for sharing! I rejoice with you in your discovery and share in your passion of reading His Word! I hope your time with RZIM continues to inspire and bless you. It has helped me tremendously in my own journey.

(Isaiah J. Armstrong) #4

Hello! Your story is amazing!
As Ravi says, only the Grand weaver can make such a beautiful picture! Thanks for introducing yourself!

(Scott) #5

Welcome Anita! Although I believe everyone’s walk to faith is unique, we all have struggled similarly in some respect. Again, Welcome!


(Gabrielle Greene Fennessee) #6

So glad to meet you Anita!

(Anita Mary Delores) #7

Thank you… its good to be here​:blush::heart_eyes::star_struck:

(Robert William Kleber) #8

Pleasure, to meet you, Anita! 66 years young and getting younger! :wink: God bless and have a great day!