Introduction: My Name is Annie

(Anniesjeffrey) #1

Hi everyone my name is Annie from Binhhamton, NY

(Joshua Spare) #2

Welcome to Connect, @anniesjeffrey! What brought you to Connect at this point? I’m excited to see you out on the forums!

(LaTricia J.) #3

Thank you for joining us here on Connect! Please feel free to share a little more about yourself, even some random fact you’d like for us to know. I look forward to your participation in discussions.

(Linda Nikitin) #4

Hullo Annie,
Welcome to Connect!
Connect is a WONDERFUL AND SAFE PLACE for us to share our thoughts, questions, struggles, etc.
Looking Forward to getting to know you and listening carefully as you share your heart.

(Warner Joseph Miller) #5

Hey there, Annie! Greetings from a few miles south from Brooklyn, NY and WELCOME to RZIM CONNECT!!! Glad to have you here!

(Hyde Gardner) #6

Hi Annie,

Welcome to connect. I’m all the way over in Australia! Love the photos.