Introduction: My Name is Butch

(Butch) #1

Aloha everyone

I live in Hawaii. I am new to this site. I found it when i was watching a youtube video.

(Warner Joseph Miller) #2

Hey there, Stan (Butch). Aloha (or “Heeey yooo!”, as we say here in Brooklyn, NY) from the mainland!! Welcome to Connect, man. Glad you found us and I look forward to hearing from you soon. Be well.:v:t6:

PS - my uncle’s name is Butch!:wink:

(Butch) #3

Aloha Warner
Thank you for the warm welcome. My real name is Stan but my nickname is Butch. Thats what my uncles and aunties called me growing up. I cant believe i only now found this site. I ordered Ravi’s apoligetics course about 8 or 9 years ago. I look forward to learning.

Take care

(Lakshmi Mehta) #4

@srm0032, Welcome! Seems like you found what you were looking for! I joined this community only a few months ago too. Its been great to participate in the conversations one topic at a time and solidify understanding on some questions that I had been struggling with. Look forward to learning with you!

(Ken Rose) #5

Aloha Butch,

Awesome to have you and your perspective here on RZIM Connect! I recently moved from Kaneohe, Hawaii returning to the US mainland (Montana). I miss the warmth (27 deg. this morning), but most of all miss the Ohana (Hawaiian for family) from my adoptive Uncles and Aunties. I’m new to RZIM Connect, I look forward to us both being a part of the RZIM ‘Ohana’.

(Butch) #6

Thank you. You are correct. It is good to participate on the boards.

(Butch) #7

Hi Ken
I go past Kaneohe a couple times a month. Usually when I go hiking. There are some great hikes on that side of the island. Did you ever attend Anchor church? I have a friend that plays base guitar for New Hope Leeward worship team. When they have worship nights Anchor church host them. Any time Kbay has air shows I go there also.

(Ken Rose) #8

Aloha Butch,

I’m sorry, I did not attend worship at the Anchor Church. I do recall seeing their signs set out Sat. nights/Sun. mornings on the corner of Kahikili and Like Like. I attended church at Kaneohe SDA, set back off of Kamehameha HWY across from the cemetery. No worries. We had some great friends and neighbors that attended New Hope in Honolulu. We had a weekly Bible study with them, great group of people. Ref Marine Corps Base Hawaii (MCBH, aka Kbay), went their weekly for the commissary (grocery store) and other services. I loved Kaneohe, my kind of small town! God Bless!


(Keldon Scott) #9

Welcome aboard @srm0032. Glad to have you in from Hawaii. Look forward to your posts and questions. I trust this connection site will be a blessing to you. Participate often. God bless your path.

(Butch) #10

Aloha Keldon

Thank you. I look forward to sharing and reading other post. Take care and God bless.