Introduction: My Name is Catherine Way

(Catherine Way) #1

Hi everyone. I’m just grateful to be able to connect to such a wonderful event in human history, RZIM. Thank you.

(SeanO) #2

@Catway Welcome to Connect! The Lord Jesus bless your time here as you grow in the grace and knowledge of Him.

(Carson Weitnauer) #3

Hi Catherine, I’m so glad you’ve joined! Welcome!

(Kathleen) #4

Welcome, @Catway! We’re glad you’ve found us here on Connect. What part of the world are you joining us from?

(Catherine Way) #5

I’m from Atlanta Georgia USA, but now I live in a small town called Anderson, located in South Carolina USA.

(Kathleen) #6

Always good to have another Southerner aboard! I’m originally from Memphis, but am currently based in the UK. :slight_smile:

(Catherine Way) #7

WOW, what’s that like? How long have you been there? And are you a part of RZIM that goes on college campuses? (Last one) Do you engage the students in the UK?

(Isireli Jitoko) #8

As am I Catherine. It’s nice to be amongst a like minded community who feel the need to know more about our God and their purpose. God bless.

(Kathleen) #9

Thanks for the questions! :blush: I’ve been here for just over 3 years now. Came initially to train with RZIM/OCCA and have stayed to be a part of a church plant (Acts29/Redeemer City-to-City). I was a part of two university missions during my OCCA year, which it was fascinating…and challenging…but ultimately very rewarding. I wish my schedule permitted me to help more with mission last couple of years, but, sadly, it hasn’t. I am still involved weekly in student outreach though, mainly through our church. Are you familiar with the events weeks that have been happening in the US? The ones in the UK are pulled off on a slightly smaller scale…but not by much. Ha!

(Catherine Way) #10

So very exciting! I wish I was part of RZIM. Just so I could learn and even one day share with a group. But right now, oh how I would love just to sit at the feet in RZIM!

I think I have watched every talk, every debate and all I could find on the internet!

My soul does thrist!

(Kathleen) #11

It is a pretty special ministry, and I am grateful to have been given the opportunity. :slight_smile: What do you find resonates with you the most? What are you excited to learn about?

(Catherine Way) #12

I’m excited about the Love of God towards us, the depths as to how God
loves us. The care He took in His creation of a world where human-kind
could flourish.

The essentially of death.

The exclusiveness of Earth.

An all-powerful God!

There is so much I want to learn. RZIM is a jewel, priceless in God’s
Kingdom on Earth.

(Sarah West) #13

Welcome @Catway! I live in Auburn and Atlanta is like a second home. My kids play soccer there and secretly I hope it’s our next move. I dream of working at RZIM, but I’m happy to learn and serve in my current season. Reach out if you need anything! Happy to connect!

(Catherine Way) #14

Hi Sarah! I’m feeling the love! I’m just waiting to glean and learn all I can from connecting.