Introduction: my name is Cecilia

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Hi everyone i am Cecilia. Am excited to be in this grp. Hope i can have open discussion with others who are seeking truth. I would like to ask this question: can a born again Christian lose his/her salvation?

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@Clyfoong Welcome to Connect and thank you for that question! As you can imagine, this question has been discussed here on Connect multiple times. I think the classic saying applies here:

In Essentials Unity, In Non-Essentials Liberty, In All Things Charity

Whether or not we can lose our salvation is not an essential. If we were talking about levels of doctrine as in the following article, I would say it falls under either conviction or opinion.

  1. absolutes define the core beliefs of the Christian faith;
  2. convictions , while not core beliefs, may have significant impact on the health and effectiveness of the church;
  3. opinions are less-clear issues that generally are not worth dividing over; and
  4. questions are currently unsettled issues.

That said, here are some Connect threads that address both sides of this issue and I hope you will find helpful.

The Illustration of a Family

I think the simplest way to understand this question of whether or not we can lose our salvation is to understand what it means to be saved. When we accept Christ, we are adopted as children of God. As any father or mother knows, you don’t kick your kids out of the family every time they sin. So I think that no matter your view on losing salvation, there is no need to be afraid that every time you sin you lose your salvation until you repent. I believe that view is unBiblical.

There are some indications in Scripture that willful, persistent sin could lead to a loss of salvation. But I think that these passages assume an unrepentant and hardened heart. Some would say a true believer could never have such an attitude. There is a difference of opinion on the matter, but I do not think it is essential to our faith to know the answer. The main thing is to keep our eyes fixed on Christ, confess our sin and trust in God’s love and grace.

Christ grant you peace and wisdom in this matter :slight_smile:

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Welcome to Connect, @Clyfoong! We’re glad you’ve joined us here. :slight_smile: As Sean has just given you a good, thorough answer, I was curious what your thoughts were on the question. Have you been taught that you can or can’t lose salvation? :slight_smile:

We pray that this community will be an encouragement and strengthener for you!

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Thank you Sean for sharing your views. I agree that its important not to let questions which may have no ironclad answers in the Bible stir up strife in the family of God. I also agree that this question should not in any way cause me to stumble in my faith. And i agree that ultimately this question may not b relevant to me because if i am truly trusting in Jesus i will abide in Him, obey His commands and repent whenever i sin, knowing that He will forgive and restore me. Thank you!

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Hey Cecilia! Thank you for choosing to be a part of our Chrisitan community! I’m so happy that you want to gain a deeper understanding of who Jesus is and what it means to be in a trusting relationship with Him. To address your question, when someone acknowledges that Jesus is Lord in their heart, and repents of their sins, transgressions, that previously alienated them from God, they are received with open arms by our Lord and Savior. We change our hearts and mind to align with the reality of how God sees us, in His absolute reality. This step of trust and vulnerability creates in us a new heart, we literally become new beings!! A new creature on earth. Once that step is made, the promise of Jesus is always good. He never lies, He never loses. A continuation of this is that we must reject Fear! Fear of trust, of commitment, of vulnerability, of being loved. Satan is the deceiver and uses our fear to take us hostage. But when we trust Jesus completely, He shows us just how deep His love for us is. And it only gets better, each minute, hour, and day as we walk in Faith towards Him! May Jesus overfill your cup!

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Thank you for sharing! God Bless

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@Clyfoong Welcome!