Introduction: My name is Daniel

(Dan Pollina) #1

Hi everyone, my name is Daniel. I am from Buffalo, New York. I have many questions that I haven’t received adequate answers for. I’m hoping this forum will help out.

(SeanO) #2

@DanP Welcome to Connect! So glad you’ve decided to join us. May the Lord Jesus bless you richly during your time here on the forums. Look forward to hearing your thoughts and questions.

(Mary) #3

Hi Daniel,

Welcome! I’m also new to Connect and have found great questions being asked and discussed.

How did you learn about RZIM Connect?

Glad you are here.

(Charles G. Pewee) #4

Hi Daniel, good to see you on RZIM Connect. I am also new here. It’s my utmost prayer that you find help with your questions on this platform.

(Dan Pollina) #5

Hi Mary,

Thank you for your nice welcome! I’m not used to that. I learned about RZIM connect through listening to the ask away podcast with Jo and Vince Vitale. Have a blessed day Mary!


(Dan Pollina) #6

Thank you Sean for your nice welcome!

(Dan Pollina) #7

Thank you Charles! I appreciate that.