Introduction: My Name is Darlene

(Darlene Medford) #1

Hi everyone - my name is Darlene. I am in NC.
I have listened to Ravi on “Let My people Think” and “Just thinking” for a while. I often have to listen a couple of times to get everything that Ravi is saying because of the depth. He truly makes me think - So thankful for the encouragement for my Christian walk. :slight_smile:

(SeanO) #2

@darlene Welcome to Connect! So glad you’ve been encouraged through Ravi and pray that you will grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus as you seek His face. Look forward to seeing you on the forms.

(Darlene Medford) #3

SeanO thank you so much

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(Helen Tan) #4

Hi @darlene, welcome to Connect! Ravi does make us think and in the process grow as Christians. It’s great to have you here and I look forward to hearing more from you.

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(Gregory Ho Chung Wai) #5

Hi Darlene,
Welcome to Connect. Yes, Ravi really makes you think and what I love is the way he makes it look so simple.
Looking forward to learn more on this forum.

God bless.

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(Daniel Anaba) #6

You are welcome Darlene. Those messages really blessed my life as well.

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(Emmanuel Ofori) #7

Welcome Darlene. Nice connecting with you here. Also been following Ravi’s videos especially the Question and Answers; and appreciate the depth and personalization of the responses

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