Introduction: My Name is Derrick Grant

(Derrick grant) #1

Hi everyone, my name is Derrick I thank God for the great work RZIM is doing, and very happy to join RZIMconnect family

(Brittany Bowman) #2

Welcome to Connect, Derrick. :smiley: We can give thanks to God together- it is so wonderful to be surrounded by such a humble group of Christians seeking to know Christ and make Him known.

(Derrick grant) #3

Thank you Brittany. Looking forward to the journey

(Olivia Davis) #4

Hi Derrick! Welcome to Connect. It’s such a great place to ask questions and learn from other people. We’re glad to have you with us, and I look forward to learning more from you out on the forums!

(Derrick grant) #5

Thank you Olivia. my schedule may sometimes make it difficult for me to connect daily but I will do my best.