Introduction: My name is Erin

(Erin Styles) #1

Hi everyone

Fell in love with apologetics from hearing Ravi’s talks on a Christian AM station. Have seen him and Andy live and have enjoyed various other aspects of the ministry. Just recently completed the Core Module and will move on to the other courses as well. I’m still not sure what God wants me to do ultimately, but I can’t deny the movement of the Holy Spirit inside of me when I’m engaged with apologetics. I know I very much want to get others in my community to learn apologetics, but that’s where I get stumped on the journey. Looking forward to being inspired and finding my direction.


(Lakshmi Mehta) #2

@Erin_Styles, Welcome! So glad to hear of your passion for apologetics and the confirmation you sense by the Holy Spirit in this area. As you participate in the conversations on Connect, may God make His direction clearer for you in how to engage with your community. Look forward to your insights.

(Denise) #3


(Brian Upsher) #4

Hi Erin and welcome to the community :grinning:. We are blessed to have you. I too fell in love with apologetics and first ever heard about it listening to Ravi Zacharias on the radio stations here in New Zealand. May God continue to lead you powerfully and for you to find His continued calling as we are all trying to recognize and submt to.

God bless