Introduction: My Name is Gerd

Hi everyone,

my name is Gerd, I completed the core course already a while ago and was “quiet reader” of the blog but only now got around of intriducing my self. I am in my mid thirties and a Christian for about 10 years and am looking forward to learn more!

God bless,


Welcome aboard @g.watzenig. So glad you are connecting with us. As an Academy alum you have so much foundation in apologetics that can be shared with so many who are needing guidance and have questions. Thank you for joining up with us and coming alongside us. God-bless you and your journey.


Hi @g.watzenig, thank you for the introduction :slightly_smiling_face: it’s nice to meet you. “Quiet reader” I like that. Now that you are here, I look forward to reading more about you as you engage here. Take care :pray:t3:


Welcome, @g.watzenig! Glad you are here!


Hello and welcome Gerd @g.watzenig
Am so proud meeting you.
Congratulations for finding Jesus and competing the core module and If you don’t mind, How do you wish to share both experiences with us?

You are very free to explore this community and let’s receive your gifts of contributions.
So glad you join us.
More Grace

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Hi Gerd.
I’m Aldo, from Peru.
Whatever I can share/help, I’m here to do it.
Blessings from South America,

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