Introduction: My Name is Hyde Gardner

(Hyde Gardner) #1

Hi everyone,
I live in Darwin, Australia. I am amongst a small church with some very blessed individuals. We are a young church but God is moving through us that the gospel is preached through our city.

I am looking forward to interacting and learning much about all things pertaining to God and the Bible.

(Brittany Bowman) #2

Welcome to Connect, Hyde! Small churches are very special places, and I hope you will encourage other members from your church to join us here, too. May you find Connect to be a place to learn and serve with others as we seek to know Christ more dearly.

(Joshua Spare) #3

Welcome to Connect, @HydeeG! When my wife and I moved to the UK for a year, we fell in love with a small church plant - being able to hop right in with serving by putting out and taking up chairs each week is such a blessing! And so we found a small church plant when we returned to the US. There is something incredibly refreshing about building community with a strong, small group of believers, isn’t there! In any case, enough about me on your introduction post! It is exciting to hear that God is moving through your church, and I am very excited to have you here on Connect!

(Hyde Gardner) #4

Thanks Joshua. My church is the only church I have ever known. You’re so right, being a small church means everyone can contribute and really fellowship.