Introduction: My Name is Jason

(Jason samuels) #1

Hi everyone,

I am Jason from South Africa. My current focusses are our Muslim friends, the Church (i.e. equipping at our local church) and to see God transform lives, especially my own. I want to know Him more and make Him known to more.

Thanks in advances for this platform!

(James) #2

Welcome Jason… I’ll pray for you, hope you bring lot of your friends to christ… :blush: I think that you can argue a lot on theology… But the think that gets people to christ is the gospel… The good news. God bless you :blush:

(James) #3

Hi @jason,

There is this YouTube channel called The Arabian Prophet and also Christian Prince, aka CP.

He makes really good arguments against Islam and its ideology, if you can watch his live streams. He has one of them almost every day.

He is an Arabic speaker so he knows more about this topic and I think he can be a great resource for you and plenty others.

Take care :blush: