Introduction: My name is Joel

Hi everyone, my name’s Joel, i’m 26 and i’m from Wales. RZIM and Ravi Zachharias’ work helped me find my faith again after going through a really tough perod of doubt which led to me turning my back on Christ last year. I love reading the question and answers on this board and would love to get involved. Thanks for your work!


Hello Joel, I’m very glad you found your way back to faith. Thank God he sent you people who helped you. Now you can be someone like that for others. I’ve already seen some of your posts in the forums. It’s great that you participate so actively and bring in your questions and that you also help others. God bless you!


Hey Joel,

Welcome, I am so happy you have joined RZIM Connect. I hope by reading the questions and answers on connect you are gaining a greater insight into the community.

You mentioned RZIM helped you find your faith again, which is cause to celebrate indeed! :partying_face: What specifically was the catalyst that restored your faith in God?


Welcome aboard @Joel_Redman. So glad that you came across this site and chose to come alongside us. What have been your favorite categories that you have had an opportunity to browse? I hope that you can continue join enjoy this forum and get engaged. One way is to visit the member testimony’s category and let us know your background and testimony. About the Member Testimonies category. God-bless you and your journey.


God bless you @Joel_Redman, welcome :pray:t3: I am thankful you found your way back. Jesus Christ is the answer, where would we go but to the Lord? We have a beautiful, gracious Lord who is alway there with arms wide open :heart: Your introduction has blessed me and reminded me of that. Enjoy browsing and feel free to engage :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi Roseann,

Thanks very much. To be honest, I was agnostic and knew that i couldn’t sit on the fence any longer, so I read ‘A reasonable faith’ by William Lane Craig looking at the arguments for God’s existence, as well as listening to countless Ravi messages on YouTuube. I had no idea when I was growing up that the arguments for Christianity and God’s existence were so rational and cogent. I came to the conclusion through various arguments that Christianity was the most reasonable explanation for reality, and then despite not having all thhe answers I committed my life to Jesus, knowing that I need to take a step of faith and trust in him. Since then its been a process of knowin Jesus with a heart knowledge not a head knowledge! This is where Ravi’s ‘Origin, Meaning Moralty and Destiny’ message hit home. Sure apologetics supports our faith but we have to trust him I our hearts not just know he exists with our mind.


Hi Kelvin, thanks very much! I love looking through the bible questions and daily evangelism topics. I don’t know why but the big questions really interest me!


Welcome, @Joel_Redman! Would love to hear more about your testimony and the questions you were wrestling with.

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