Introduction: My Name is Joshua

(Joshua Mathew) #1

Hi everyone
nice to meet all the children of god
who…from various parts of world and culture
have come together as a community here
to know more about christ,
to share their knowledge and
to show the unique character of respecting each others views…which we can’t find in any other reigion

(Deneen Horne) #2

Hi Joshua, Welcome to RZIMConnect. Yes, it is wonderful to connect with people all over the globe hearing from them and learn more about Christ. I am from Florida in the United States. God’s Blessing to you!
In HIS Grip! Deneen

(Michael Chissus) #3

Welcome Joshua, it is truely a pleasure to have you with us. We look forward to what you have to say and any questions or topics you might have on your heart. May God bless you.