Introduction: My name is Levi

(Levi Linville) #1

Hi everyone,

I’ve been listening to “Let My People Think” for at least 11 years now and feel a little embarrassed to be so late in joining this community. One of my favorite things about listening to Ravi Z. speak and answer questions is the patience and honor that he shows to the audience. I say, “patience and honor,” but it’s really just love in action, and that’s the kind of apologist I want to be when ministering to Muslims.

Last year, I started and now direct MAHABAT Ministries. MAHABAT is an old arabic word meaning: love[also spelled mohabbat]. The ministry exists to show Muslims God’s Love by prayer and presence. We call and visit mosques with the expressed intent to pray for the people there, get contact information when possible, and follow up with people outside the mosque - most often in their homes. To prepare the church, our team, and ourselves, we organize a monthly fellowship of prayer and fasting on the second Monday of every month. Every Friday we offer an open invitation to join us for a mosque visit and observation of the Khutbah (formal Islamic public teaching), and to just watch us model Muslim ministry afterwards as Muslims hang around to chat in the mosque’s lobby. If you’d like to know more, visit

in God’s grip,

Levi Linville

(Warner Joseph Miller) #2

Welcome, @Levilinville to RZIM Connect! So glad to have you here, brother. I love (mahabat, or love) and the ministry sounds amazing. Within the last few days, we here at Connect have received a spike in users… specifically those with Islamic evangelistic leanings. It’s been a real treat and is so wonderful to see. Please feel free to browse the different thread convos (if you haven’t, already) comment or begin a new one. I’m really looking forward to hearing from you and prayerfully, this site can be a great benefit and blessing to you. Welcome, brother!

(Rashidah Lovick) #3

Warner, the influx of Muslim outreach folks is because of UAI this weekend. :slight_smile:

(Warner Joseph Miller) #4

Yeah, we were told a couple days ago. It’s really great!!!

(Levi Linville) #5

Thanks @WarnerMiller for the welcome, and thanks @rashidahteaches for the invite to UAI. I’m really excited to learn from and network with this community!

(chandra kishore sardar) #6

Hi Levi ! Welcome to the forum. Its a great thing that you along with others are doing for the Muslim community. Indeed reaching out to people in love ‘envangelies’ His word. Looking forward to learning together here in the community.