Introduction: My Name Is Maggie

(Magdalene David ) #1

Hi everyone, my name is Maggie. I am from India. I have been following all the activities or RZIM and came across this beautiful community where we could grow together in Christ. Looking forward to have a wonderful fellowship with everyone in this community.

(Sam Runge) #2

Hi Maggie! Welcome! I’m new on connect as well I look forward to hearing and learning from you!

(Kathleen) #3

Welcome, @Maggie! Are you still based in India or have you scattered to another part of the world? So glad you to have you here with us on Connect!

(Magdalene David ) #4

Thank you so much Sam

(Magdalene David ) #5

Yes Kathleen I am still based in Mumbai, India.

(Vuyiswa Keyi) #6

Welcome Maggie. I’m new too! I hope we will be able to engage more with each other and others in this community.

(Gabrielle Greene Fennessee) #7

Hello Maggie. It is nice to meet you!

(Magdalene David ) #8

Yes sure Vuyiswa. Will be glad to hear from you

(Magdalene David ) #9

Nice to meet you to Gabrielle

(Nthabiseng Machedi ) #10

Welcome Maggie

(Magdalene David ) #11

Thank you @Ntha