Introduction: My Name is Margaret

Hi everyone, I’m looking forward to connecting with the community and learning from others how to grow in my relationship with Jesus.


Welcome to the community @mspare


Hello Margaret @mspare

We are very happy to receive you to the connect family. And we thank God for your life.

If you don’t mind may we know where you are connecting us from and what led you to join connect? If any, Will you like to also share your questions and testimonies with us?
I trust that as you explore and engage the community you will find it rewarding and spiritually transforming.
Please feel to join the conversations any time.

Grace and Love
From Nigeria.


Hello, @mspare, and welcome to Connect! It’s wonderful to have you join us, and like @WorshipGod I’d love to learn more about you. No pressure, though, I understand sometimes the privacy online is important.

I do hope you’ll jump in with your questions and posts! May we all learn and study together as we seek to more deeply understand our loving God.


Hi @mspare, welcome to connect! I trust you will find this a safe space to engage in. We look forward to connecting with you as well :slightly_smiling_face: Feel free to offer your thoughts and insight in any particular conversation. Take your time and enjoy browsing


blessings to you warm welcome in JESUS name

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Welcome aboard @mspare. Thanks for joining and coming alongside us. I trust that this site will be a blessing to you. You are already a blessing to us with your care and willingness to introduce yourself. What brought you here? And are there questions that you a have? Please let us know. God-bless you and your journey.

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Hello Margaret,
you’ve absolutely come to the right forum. It’s great that you’ve joined us. There’s a lot of wisdom in this forum :slight_smile:
God bless



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