Introduction: My Name is Marty

(Marty L Carnell) #1

Hi everyone my name is Marty from Wando, SC (near Charleston). I am in my sixth decade of knowing Jesus. The more years I am around the more I realize my desperate need of the Savior. I have four grown and married sons and four grandchildren. The older I get the more I recognize our need for revival; the need for the Christian community to be both bold and loving as we share the good news.
I heard a non Christian lament that if we Christians had what we considered was such good news and a free gift why would we not be anxious to share with everyone we met. I have thought sometimes it is because we do not equip ourselves with the proper tools. This community is a resource to enable us to do just that, improve our toolkit.
I look forward to hearing and learning from all of the participants.

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Welcome to Connect, @martylcarnell! We’re glad you’ve joined us here. Look forward to learning with and from you!