Introduction: My Name is Marvin

(Marvin Mauro) #1

Hi everyone, my name is Marvin (Marvs) from the Southeast Asian country of the Philippines.
(After all my delays, finally!) I’ll be taking the Core Module course this November.

Grew up in church since 3, yet never grew that deep with the knowledge of God.
All I know was I needed to be saved by Jesus (so I did when I was 7 and again on 11) and do ministry. Came from an abusive background, thus developing ssa.
I was never angry with God despite of my past experiences, and mom’s passing few years ago.
But I want to be a better communicator of the gospel especially to the skeptics and those who hold a different worldview.
Admittedly, when I encounter my atheist classmates (High school and College), I would always be dumbfounded by their queries or criticism about the Christian faith - this would always lead me to frustration. I wanted also to reach out to the youths as they are the vulnerable ones (especially in our context) about their sexuality and their relationship with Jesus. I want to build bridges among those who wanted to come-out and the churches who are lacking understanding about their church members who are wounded. I want to raise the awareness of our brethren about the waves of sexual immoralities being thrown into our government by engaging with proper discussions/discourse.

Got to know about RZIM and the team when a celebrity here in our country made a turn-around of his scandalous life and started to follow Jesus and learn from Ravi himself.

Aside from the Core Module course classmates, I am looking forward to learn and engage with gospel minded and thinkers in this network.

I would like my head, heart and hands to grow and be useful for His Kingdom.

That’s all for now.

Thank you!

(christopher van zyl) #2

Welcome @Marvs! Great to have you with us! :blush:

(Marvin Mauro) #3

Thanks again @c3vanzyl !

I’m really excited to learn and hear from this group.

(Omar Rushlive Lozada Arellano) #4

Hello, Marvin (@Marvs). It’s nice to see another Filipino here. The Core Module is a good course, and I could say that it could help you in being a better communicator of the gospel. Let’s learn together in this community. Welcome to Connect! :slight_smile:

(Marvin Mauro) #5

Maraming Salamat, @omarchy !

I appreciate your encouragement. Im really looking forward to the lessons. And definitely to be a better communicator of gospel and engaging to different worldviews.