Introduction: My Name is Matthew Johnathan

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I’m 19. I’m from Malaysia and currently completing my Diploma in Computer Studies at the KDU College Penang. I would love to one day be a huge contributor to this ministry.

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Welcome, @Matthew! We’re glad you’ve joined us here on Connect. We hope this forum can be an encouragement to you!

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Could you help me out with this question? I just want to know if you could shed some light on my questions, Is evil/sinful nature apart of our free will and if so why didn’t God just remove that evil/sinful nature that is sort of us? I would really appreciate it. God bless you.

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Absolutely. :slight_smile: It’s such a good question! I’m currently trying to put some thoughts together, but I’m commuting into work on the train, so i’m a bit distracted. If it’s a couple of hours, bear with me!

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Thank you so much for even considering. I’ll wait.

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Hi @Matthew

Welcome to connect, diploma in computer studies awesome :slight_smile:

Regarding your question: is sinful nature apart(separate) of our free will?

If yes then why didn’t God just remove that evil/sinful nature that is sort of us?

If not then why not?

I’m gonna share my thoughts on this… I think sinful nature is a result of free will. it’s a product of free will.

God did not create people like robots. He gave them free will. That means people choose to do good things or sinful things.

God did not create sinful nature as such but every sinful nature is a perversion of the good nature, like earning a lot of money is not sinful, earning a lot of money illegally which then becomes stealing is sinful.

I’ll point you to a book called Mere Christianity by C.S.lewis(read it again and again, its a good one) , or search about C. S. Lewis on free will. I hope you will find an elaborated good answer regarding this.

Hope this helps if you have any further clarifications do ask. :+1:t2:

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Thank you so much brother for taking the time to answer. God bless you.