Introduction: My Name is Narendra


(Narendra) #1

Hi everyone,

I’m from India and the only one who accepted Christ from my family.

I’ve been listening to Ravi Zacharias since I was 18 years old. Always I’ll be having his Just thinking and Let My people think podcasts on my mobile and I think I almost covered the entire podcasts:)

The impact his messages made was huge on my spiritual life and also helped me to defend my faith.
Our entire church church(who are able to follow his language) follows him and always discuss on the messages when we meet each other.

Thank you so much for this platform.


(Warner Joseph Miller) #2

Welcome to CONNECT, Narendra! So glad that you’ve come to be apart of the community. I too have influenced and blessed enormously by Ravi Zacharias’ podcasts, Just Thinking and Let My People Think. I literally listened to them everyday for YEARS as well as read his books. His books opened the door to so many other great apologists and theologians and pastors and teachers that have all ultimately lead me back to the grace, love and Truth of Jesus Christ.

Welcome, sister!

(Lakshmi Mehta) #3

@Naren,Welcome ! Praising the Lord for your salvation. I hope your family has come to a stage of accepting your decision. God bless your family and your communication with them. Look forward to further discussions on questions that your family and friends may bring up!

(Anthony Costello ) #4


The Peace of the Lord Jesus be with you! So glad you are here on Connect with us. I look forward to hearing more about you and your community in India.

May I ask more about your family? Do you spend a lot of time with them still? How is it talking with them about Christianity? Is it hard to do?

in Christ,

(Carson Weitnauer) #5

Hi @Naren,

Welcome! You surely have a wealth of knowledge about how to follow Christ and share the good news with others. It would be a blessing to have you contribute your wisdom with the RZIM Connect community. We’d love for everyone in your church to be involved as they desire. Thank you for introducing yourself and I hope to hear more from you.

(Jimmy Sellers) #6

So glad that you have joined us and I am anxious to hear you share your journey. You will find that this is a very loving group of believer. You will find that there are many folks here from India. Welcome to Connect.