Introduction: My name is Nick Stolz


(Nicholas Matthew Stolz) #1

Hello everyone! My name is Nick Stolz, from Milwaukee, WI (USA). I finished the Core Module in early July. I was so blessed to be able to have been a part of the Core Module as it gave me further confidence to give reason for the hope that I have. Great to see my brother in Christ, Jean Slabbert, from our communal Core Module, getting on here as well! I’m 42 years old and I work as a substance abuse counselor in a 12 Step residential facility in Oconomowoc (pronounce that;), WI. I’ve been blessed in my own recovery of nearly five years of continuous God-given sobriety. So look forward to growing with all of you into more like our Savior for the benefit of others.

(SeanO) #2

@nstolz123 Welcome to Connect! Praise God for your recovery and your work to help others live a life free from this addiction! Looking forward to seeing you out on the forums and may you grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus through your time here.

(Jimmy Sellers) #3

Welcome to connect I know you will find many folks here who will be encouraged by what God is doing in your life. There are quit a few folks here who are involved directly with ministering to people with addictive behavior issues and everyone is like minded in their desire to share the Truth with those that God intersect with there life.

(Carson Weitnauer) #4

Hi @nstolz123,

Welcome! You, @Melvin_Greene, and @Julia_Bracewell might have a lot to discuss! I’d love for this community to be an encouraging, respectful, helpful environment to discuss how we live humble, evangelistic lifestyles while serving often overlooked populations. We can really help one another grow in Christ together.

(Julia Bracewell) #5

@nstolz123 @Melvin_Greene seems like we might for sure! Excited to hear about the work you’re doing Nicholas. I currently work with women living with/at risk for HIV/AIDS and do lots of Harm Reduction work/support groups/outreach, but am so grateful for those who work in substance abuse recovery. Glad you’ve joined this community!

(Jean Daniel Slabbert) #6

Hey @nstolz123!!
Good to have you join my friend!!
I know we’ll continue the robust Core module discussions here!
Great to see you

(Renee Yetter) #7

What a beautiful and encouraging testimony you bring, and now God is using you to pay it forward. May you find this a place of great blessing and support.