Introduction: My name is O'Neill

(O'Neill Marais) #1

Hi everyone, my name is O’Neill Marais. I am from South Africa but I find myself currently in Hungary as a Graduate Student.

Similar to most of the members on this site, I have sincere questions about the big issues in the human experience. I have found the speakers of RZIM to be an excellent source of truth in answering these questions. Thus, I look forward to continuing this journey towards truth through among other things the use of RZIMConnect.

(Keldon Scott) #2

So glad to have you aboard @oneillmarais. What are you studying? With all your studies I am sure you will be a great source of commentary for Connect. We all have questions – I hope to read your posts frequently. And, I wish you the best in your study endeavors.

(O'Neill Marais) #3

Hello Keldon, thank you for the reply. I am doing an Engineering Management Msc. in Debrecen, Hungary. But my academic endeavours are not related to Apologetics at all, I would say I am a hobbiest when it comes to Apologestics :slightly_smiling_face:.

I am looking forward to using this platform!

(Keldon Scott) #4

Such a great Hobby to have. Study hard.