Introduction: My Name is Phoebe

(Phoebe Baumgardner) #1

Hi everyone, I’m Phoebe from Massachusetts. I have been following Jesus since 1994. Known and followed RZIM for a very long time. I’m a 28 year nurse from cardiac specialty, critical care, ER and now surgical services. Love So many in the RZIM community.

(Carson Weitnauer) #2

Hi @Phoebe_Baumgardner,

Welcome! I apologize that we missed responding to your post when you first joined. It is a gift to have you join the community and I know we have a lot to learn from you. Twenty four years of following Jesus gives you a lot of wisdom - and there’s a great need for that as we all raise our questions and seek to make sense of the challenges in life together here. I look forward to your input in the discussions here.

(Jimmy Sellers) #3

You must have slipped in the back door. Welcome. Sorry that it took so long to say hey.

(Phoebe Baumgardner) #4

No problem Carson. Thank you for your kindness. It is a gift to be able to connect in this country that allows such freedoms. I hope to be an encourager in the faith. In this world where words are twisted of their meaning and critical thinking is so needed, I fear for our nation. Sometimes it’s very very difficult to get answers that God does not reveal. The why’s of life. But He puts in our path good teachers endowed by the Holy Spirit to learn. And… a wise women who discipled me said once,”it’s ok not to know”. Profound! It strips us of pride doesn’t it. Ravi and his team have been great teachers. . This word love with all its meaning. To love. How do we love right? Sometimes love is not enabling. Sometimes love means saying no. There is a tension in this given our prevalent culture of viewing love. Life is full of struggles to have dialogue and translate meaning of words. Perceptions take time to tease out. God is so good to work with us in His process of sanctification. New birth. New perceptions. Amen? May us all as followers of Jesus never think we have arrived! Help us Oh Lord! Prayers you Carson. May the Holy Spirit comfort you. May God give you wisdom abc strength in all your days. Your sister Phoebe

(Oneykka McAffee) #5

Welcome Phoebe!

(Tabitha Gallman) #6

Good to have you here Phoebe! :slight_smile:

(Omar Rushlive Lozada Arellano) #7

Welcome to Connect, Phoebe (@Phoebe_Baumgardner)! I’m glad to see a nurse here. I’m a nurse by profession as well. I hope to learn with you in this community. :slight_smile:

(Kathleen) #8

Welcome, @Phoebe_Baumgardner! We’re glad you’re here. Some of my dearest friends are nurses, and I respect them greatly for what they go through on a daily basis. To treat death and disease as a task is no easy thing! Blessings to you!

(Phoebe Baumgardner) #9

Thank Kathleen Appreciate that very much!!! Please pray for our upcoming vote on nurse patient ratios in Massachusetts. :heart:️:latin_cross:️:pray:t2:

(Phoebe Baumgardner) #10

Nice to be together fighting the good fight!!

(Phoebe Baumgardner) #11

Thank you for your kind greeting. :pray:t2: Nice to connect

(Phoebe Baumgardner) #12

Thanks Tabitha. Nice to meet you as well. Have a blessed day