Introduction: My Name is praneeth samuel, I'm from india and I'm 26 years old

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Hi everyone

Praise God, I’m very glad to be a part rzim connect. God has given me an opportunity to know him better by joining this group. I’m very much blessed by sermons and knowledge that sir Ravi Zachariahs share with people. I hope God has placed me here to know more about the bible and share the knowledge to others to glorify his name. I would like to ask u one question which one of my relative asked me about proverbs 8:22-36, i had a discussion with him about Trinity and he asked me if jesus is a created being how can he be God by quoting the above reference. Please do help me to understand about that verse

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@Praneeth18 Welcome to Connect! May Lord Jesus bless you through your time here. As the following 2 articles not - Proverbs 8 is not about Jesus - it is about wisdom personified as a woman - ‘lady wisdom’. Therefore it is not discussing Jesus coming into being, but rather is a poetic description of wisdom personified.

This passage in Proverbs isn’t talking about Jesus. It is talking about wisdom poetically personified as a woman.

This takes us back to Proverbs 8. The main subject of Proverbs chapters 1–9 is wisdom, which is an abstract quality or character trait rather than a person, but wisdom is treated as a woman from the first chapter right through chapter 9. Wisdom is portrayed as a woman of dazzling attractiveness and virtue, who teaches in the marketplace of the town (1:20), who is romantically embraced (4:8–9), who can be addressed as “my sister” (7:4), who utters a long speech commending herself to the public (chap. 8), and who builds a house and invites people to an alluring banquet (9:1–6).

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Welcome aboard @Praneeth18. So glad you have joined. I am also glad that you started asking questions right away. Sean provides such good analysis And response. Please let us know how your discussion with your relative goes. God-bless you. And I hope this year is one of your best.

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Hey Samuel Praneeth!! I’m so glad you’re a part of this community my friend! Keep pursuing Jesus and he will overfill your cup with love!

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Thanks alot sean. I will go through the link and will find the answer. Thanks for ur support,hope u would help me all through my questions.

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Sure mr.scott, i thank God for being part of this rzim connect family.

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Thanks alot nels, i hope God will help me to know more about his love and fill with his wisdom with the support of rzim connect family

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@Praneeth18 Sure thing - lots of helpful folks here on Connect to provide wisdom and guidance.

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Oh he will you can count on that!! Jesus doesnt lose my brother! When we set our face upon Him, and choose His Love over the lies of Fear, we are able to accept and share the true and complete Love that Jesus has in us!! Each day learn to love your neighbor as yourself! These are the keys to the knowing the heart of God!