Introduction: My name is Priscilla Ababio

(Priscilla Ababio) #1

Hi everyone

(Carson Weitnauer) #2

Hi Priscilla, welcome! can you tell us bit about yourself and why you’ve joined? I look forward to seeing your contributions!

(Priscilla Ababio) #3

Hi Carson, I am originally from Ghana but living in Canada currently. I was working in the medical field back home and hope to start residency soon in the US God willing. I was going through my Facebook page about 2 years ago when I stumbled on one of RZIM programs, I watched it and loved it. I realized how less knowledgeable I was/ am when it comes to defending my faith especially to non believers. It has made not to love evangelism because of the fear of not been able to answer questions that I might be asked. As a result, I started watching most of your videos and those of Nabeels( got to know about him after his passing though). I’ve been following other apologists as well. I have developed this passion for apologetics and always want to be part of a community that embraces it
Hence my decision to join RZIM connect when I heard about it on Saturday whiles watching the trending question " how do I know my gender" talk.

Thank you

Kind Regards,


(Cameron Kufner) #4

Hi Priscilla. Welcome aboard! I see you’re from Canada. What part? If you don’t mind me asking. Are you near Orangeville in Ontario?

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(Priscilla Ababio) #5

Hi kufner, i am in brampton, On. Thank you

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(Cameron Kufner) #6

Very cool! Brampton is about half an hour away from Orangeville. I look forward to your contributions here on connect. God bless!

(Solomon Kofi Owusu Antwi) #7

Hello Maafia,

I am Kofi Owusu and I am in Brampton/Caledon also. Whenever you get the opportunity lets connect and speak to some of the issues you raised.God bless

(Priscilla Ababio) #8

Sure, Kofi. Let me know ahead of time. Thank you. I figured youre Ghanaian right

(Daniel Anaba) #9

Hello Priscilla, you are welcome to connect. Greetings from Ghana.