Introduction: My name is Roger

(Roger Koski) #1

Hi everyone,
I’ve just discovered this site and am fired up about learning how to use it and grow. I try to catch talks by the RZIM team whenever I can, they’re like a cool drink of water to a thirsty man!

(Kathleen) #2

Welcome, Roger! So glad you’ve found us here on Connect! What part of the world do you join us from?

(Keldon Scott) #3

Welcome aboard @Weedhopper. I’m glad you have joined. Drink lots of water. It is free here and plentiful. Happy Thanksgiving.

(Rob Lundberg) #4

Welcome to RZIM Connect. I believe will find some great encouragement here. The team members are really helpful. I became familiar with RZIM back in the late 90’s and was part of the RZIM Albany team that brought Ravi to the Capital District. Since then, I have been tracking the ministry and have grown immensely in my methodology listening to Ravi and interacting with friends who are now on the team. I pray you will find encouragement and equipping here.

(Wonder Rexford Krampa ) #5

Welcome. You’re going to love this family