Introduction: My Name is Ronald

(Ronald korir ) #1

Hi everyone
I’m from Kenya I have been listening to Rzim for the last 7yrs and to be honest just thinking podcast has really helped grow in the faith ,

(Isaiah J. Armstrong) #2

Welcome! Ravi’s podcast has really helped me grow in my faith, too!
I’m sure you’ll grow even more in your faith here at RZIM Connect!

(chandra kishore sardar) #3

Welcome Ronald. I am from Nepal and this community has been such a great blessing to my life. Looking forward to grow together in Him and His word.

(Esperansa Perez) #4

Wow! Welcome, this is great that we connect this way. I’m from California, Los Angeles. Welcome!!

(Ronald korir ) #5

Thank you guys

(Edgar Pollard) #6

Welcome Ronald, I am from the Solomon Islands and also have been impacted by Ravi’s podcasts, look forward to connecting more :slight_smile:

(Ronald korir ) #7

It is my prayer that we both get to know more about Christ and defend the faith