Introduction: My Name is roshan

(Roshan bhagora) #1

Hi everyone

(Roshan bhagora) #3

Just went around whole website, it is very interesting and helpful.
One of my friend THEJA introduce me with this.
Happy to see all here in one platform

(Olivia Davis) #4

Hi Roshan! We’re glad you’re here. I’m happy you’ve looked around at all the forums and found them interesting! I’m always challenged in my thinking when I log in. Add your voice in the discussions, and I look forward to learning from you :slight_smile: Welcome to RZIM Connect.

(Roshan bhagora) #5

Thanks for welcoming😊

(Jack Johnson) #6

Welcome Roshan,
Bless you!!

(Theja Tseikha) #7

Welcome Roshan. Looking forward to learning together in this awesome platform- Connect.