Introduction: My name is Stephen

(Stephen Lee) #1

Hi everyone,
I am from Toronto Canada. I really loved Core module from RZIM especially the crowd so I look forward to connecting with you all.

(Anthony Costello ) #2

Hi Stephen,

Welcome to Connect, I pray God will richly bless you in your interactions here. I’m actually heading up to Canada (Calgary) for the first time in decades next week. Being in Southern California (but from Chicago originally), I am actually looking forward to some cold winds and snow.

God bless and Welcome,

(Keldon Scott) #3

Welcome aboard @Steve. So glad that you are here and that you enjoyed the core module. I just really loved it as well. The way it categorizes and enables discourse with others was so enlightning. Have you taken any of the other electives? They are equally as enlightning. I hope you enjoy your time here. God-bless it.

(Cindy) #4

Welcome Stephen. What a wonderful Biblical namesake you have!!


Welcome Stephen !!!

(Stephen Lee) #6

Hi Keldon, thanks for your kind welcome. I havent taken other electives yet but definitely plan to take some especially the newly released one what it means to be human. And always on the lookout for anything RZIM offers that can enlighten and help others. I’m self employed and constantly in conversation with people who are spiritually lost so these are invaluable sources of help.

(Stephen Lee) #7

Hi Anthony, thanks for the warm welcome and appreciate your prayer brother! You definitely need to prepare yourself for cold weather hahah. Calgary weather is colder than even Toronto they say. It is pretty freezing right now in TO.

(Stephen Lee) #8


(Stephen Lee) #9

Thanks Cindy! It’s pretty tough to stand up to my name lol

(Keldon Scott) #10

I am taking the course what does it mean to be human. It has been out standing. I highly recommended. Best to you

(Christina lampidaki) #11

Welcome to connect Steve. God bless you.

(Jeff Johnson) #12

Welcome Stephen. Look forward to great content…this is a wonderful format!