Introduction: My Name is Suanbiaksang Tunglut

Hi everyone it’s a pleasure for me to join this RZIM connect.I’m a Christian from childhood. As I grew up, I became more like a questionnaire, Questions regarding the bible would pop up in my mind. But I never disbelief the Bible. I basically search my Questions and most of my doubt was answered by Ravi Zacharias. Since then I started following him, listen to his sermon through the podcast and I’ve gained so much knowledge from him. Hope everyone finds clarification through this ministries.


Hello, @Suanbiaksang, and welcome to Connect! It is wonderful to hear of your hunger for Truth and your trust in God to know there are answers as you search. Is there a particular podcast episode that has stood out to you?


Hi @Suanbiaksang, welcome to connect. We have been very blessed by this ministry. I am thankful for this format to connect with people from all over the globe. I hope to hear more from you as you browse through the conversations offering your thoughts. Feel free to engage with us :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi Suanbiaksang! @Suanbiaksang

So glad you’ve joined us :relaxed:

I love hearing stories of how God has used Ravi to reach so many people! His way is so genuine and sincere. Connect will also be a place to learn from others who have a great sensitivity and care in wrestling with scripture and perspectives.

I hope you’ll enjoy exploring the many conversations and topics here- and dive in as you feel led!


Welcome aboard @Suanbiaksang. Glad that you have come alongside us. I love your transparency and humility. We all have questions. And there are responses to all the questions. Obviously some are harder than others but that’s why we have forums like this . I hope you enjoy connect and engage with others to help them and to help yourself. God-bless you and your journey.


You are most welcome Suanbiaksang @Suanbiaksang

We are glad you join us and I am happy to meet you. I pray, we will not just find answersto all our questions but also find God in our life and destiny.