Introduction: My Name is Ted Bryde

(Ted Bryde) #1

Hi everyone I’ve recently completed the Core Module from the RZIM Academy. It was an excellent 12 week course on apologetics which I will now highly recommend! I’ve been a Christian for almost 40 years and have always been keen on sharing my faith. I definitely have been further equipped over these past 3 months in how to talk to unbelievers about the gospel. I look forward to both posting and discussing on key worldview topics here with everyone.
Blessings, Ted

(Lakshmi Mehta) #2

@TenaciousTed, Welcome to Connect! So glad you have joined! Its exciting to hear of your enthusiasm for evangelism. Would love to catch some of that! Look forward to learning from your discussions.

(Brandyn Noronha) #3

Hey Ted! Welcome to the forum.
I’ve myself got onboard this platform just yesterday. Im so happy for you, as you are blessed to be able to attend live courses at RZIM. I pray Mumbai will soon have its own RZIM center for apologetics. Looking forward to join and learn from you in the discussions.
Regards and Blessings. :slight_smile: