Introduction: My Name is Terry

(Terry Black) #1

Hi everyone my name is Terry. I am retired and excited about growing my faith through study and service to the Lord. In many ways I have a been a believer all my life but never been able to connect with a church and faith deeply enough. I feel like a child taking his first steps as I have stumbled more deeply into the truth and purpose of a life that surrenders to Jesus. Now I am seeking to become less sinful and more educated in the truth contained in the Bible as well as hoping to share this with others.

(Andrew Bulin) #2

Glad to see you here, @Terry52!
How do you find yourself connecting to church these days and what has helped you to connect? Are the connection concerns related to making friends, plugging into a good Bible study, looking to serve, …?

(Terry Black) #3

Hi! Thanks for your question. I have always felt the as a Christian i needed to practice my faith beyond attending a church service. My past efforts seemed to be met with Luke warm ministries. I live in Northern Ontario Canada. I joined a small Pentecostal church and was immediately drawn by their abundant community service activities. They manage the local food bank. Sponsor a mission in Haiti, Vacation bible camp etc. There Bible study often draws numbers close to the Sunday service. It has provided close friends, service, and wonderful teaching. I am truly blessed. Thanks for your interest!

(Cam Kufner) #4

Welcome, Terry! This is surely the place to help you grow in your walk with Christ. I know it has helped me, though I haven’t been a part of the community that long, LOL. I pray that it helps you as much as it has helped me. God bless!

(Andrew Bulin) #5

@Terry52, that’s wonderful to hear!
I love to hear fellow Christians who have managed to find a church that is mission-minded and investing in both local and remote opportunities. Thanks for sharing the works of your fellowship, and I pray that God continues to multiple the efforts for His kingdom. :slight_smile: