Introduction: My Name Jeanette

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Hi everyone, I happened to come across this RZIM connect group in search of signing up for the Core Module RZIM class, which I have had difficulty signing up, but perhaps God first wants me to grow closer to Him so He has maybe put that on the back burner for now.

I am glad to see the question asked about yoga. Eastern world view has been and continues to sweep across our nation. I had met a lovely lady who was so excited about her new found Rekei that it challenged my faith, Q to me, am I also excited about Jesus? He has given me a love for her and in asking God. He gave me a super verse Philippians 2:13 amp version. She had kept mentioning the word energy and energies.Take a look. Also what helped me was an app Got Questions, when I searched under chakra. God is working and I look forward to see how He moves.

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@willing Welcome to Connect! Glad you’ve already benefited from the discussion on yoga and the wonderful contributions from everyone. May Christ grant you wisdom as you reach others for Him and grow in your faith. Look forward to hearing from you on the forms.

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Thank you

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Welcome, @willing! Sorry to hear that you had trouble signing up for the Core Module, but am glad that you’ve made it onto Connect! Are there any questions that we could help you with? What difficulty did you run in to when trying to sign up for the Core Module?

We look forward to having you join in on the conversations!

(Jeanette Moberg) #5

It is okay. I was asking God if it would be good for me to do and especially if I would be able to comprehend and keep up with everyone else. I process slower then most. I started by creating a user name and password then wanted to see when it started and how to pay. Since I didn’t see how to go on further I called 3 times RZIM in Ga and unfortunately or perhaps fortunately no one picked. Just the machine.

All is truly well though. God is always leading and opening and closing doors. Thank you for asking though.


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