Introduction: My Name Karen James

(Karen James) #1

Hi everyone, I’m Karen and from Belfast, Northern Ireland. I recently completed the RZIM Core Module. I find apologetics fascinating and feel so privileged to be able to connect with you all through this site and have access to such great teaching.

(Lakshmi Mehta) #2

@karenjames117, Welcome to Connect! I recently completed the Core module as well. A great introduction to continuing our discussions here on Connect! Enjoy your apologetics journey! Blessings.

(Jonathan Pyle) #3

Greetings Karen, I’m Jonathan and from Birr, County Offaly (in the Midlands) and I also recently completed the Core Module. I consider apologetics to be an essential part of us being equipped to effectively fight the good fight and indeed it is a privilage to have access to the skills and knowledge RZIM impart.

(Keith Byrd) #4

Hi Karen! We were in the same class! This is truly an awesome experience!

(Keldon Scott) #5

Welcome aboard @karenjames117. It is exciting to have you with us. So glad you enjoyed the core module. It set such a great foundation for our understanding. God-bless your efforts in Belfast. I hope you enjoy. In God-bless your journey here and there.

(Karen James) #6

Thank you Keldon.

(Karen James) #7

Hi Keith good to meet again. Hope your keeping well.