Introduction: My Name Kazuma. (Japanese)

(Kazuma Nakahara) #1

Hi everyone, my name Kazuma from Japan.
Let me briefly introduce myself.

  1. Birth and environment.
    I was born in a small city called Shizuoka. ( 3 hours drive from Tokyo. ) I am a son of a pastor and mother who works at a Christian kindergarten. As you can already see, I was born raised in a Christian family and I thank the Lord for this. Also, I have a younger brother who is currently studying at a medical school to be a doctor.

  2. Academic back ground.
    I have gone to “secure” schools in Japan. I was baptized when I was 2 grade of junior high, however, I did not really understand the connection between His cross that happened 2000 years ago and me living in 2000 years after His dying on the cross. Anyway, I majored in British and American Cultures and Literatures at my university. Also, I’ve been given a opportunity to study at Dallas Baptist University where I majored in Biblical study. This study abroad was just for 2 academic semesters and my first goal in the U.S. was to improve my English skills. This was the priority. However, it was after 3 months I had noticed that this experience meant much more than that. I had come to notice that this was totally God’s great plan over me, and through study at DBU, I have deepen my understanding about my own sin and Jesus’ cross, death and resurrection. After this study abroad, not only I have improved my English, but also I have been given a strong passion to go to a seminary in Japan to be a pastor. His thought is always higher than ours.

  3. Current situation
    Having received my degree in Japan, I have started working at a Christian junior and high school in another prefecture which is 2 hours drive from my home town. I chose this job because I want to utilize my study at my university and spread the Gospel to students at educational environment. It is lonely and hard to live separated from my home church and family. However, I have found a good church and met a good pastor. I teach English at the school. Also, I have much chances to speak of the Bible and faith at the school because we have chapel and morning services just like usual Christian schools do. An interesting thing is this : the more I experience teaching, the stronger my desire to be a pastor become. In fact, I feel joy more when I am speaking of the Bible and faith than when teaching English in class. ( I do enjoy teaching English though) I am still taking time to figure out His plan for my future, but I feel like my teaching career will last only for a few years ( 4 or 5 years ), considering many circumstances of my career. I am still praying.

I am sorry for long introduction. I just wanted you all know how I became Christians and ended up with feeling called to be pastor. I hope to deepen my understanding about my relationship with the Lord and learn critical things about spreading the Gospel especially to younger generations.

In Him,


(SeanO) #2

@kazuma_nakahara Welcome to Connect! That is exciting to hear that you feel a call to serve the Lord as a pastor. May Christ grant you wisdom as you seek to discern His call upon your life and affirm His desire for you through other people and circumstances. See you on the forms.

(Warner Joseph Miller) #3

Hello, there, Kazuma!! Welcome to the Connect community! Your introduction was great! Thanks, so much, for sharing. I’m so glad that you’ve decided to join Connect. It’s so cool to have someone from Japan on here. I know that I’ve been I’ve been told that Christianity in Japan…or, at least, attempting to evangelize the nation is really challenging. Historically, challenging. Has that been your experience or no?

Again…great to have you here. Looking forward to hearing more from you. God’s every blessing to you!

(Andrew Bulin) #4

Hey there @kazuma_nakahara!
It’s so great to see you here. :slight_smile:

I met Kazuma at Dallas Baptist University and really enjoyed fellowshipping with him. I was sad to see you leave, but I know you have a larger mission ahead of you in your home country. The Lord has truly blessed you and your family.

I need to get you in contact with @Yutaro who heads up the Japanese side of RZIM Connect.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts and feedback on other posts.

(Kazuma Nakahara) #5

Thank you for your prayers!

(Kazuma Nakahara) #6

Hello Warner. Your introduction was great and interesting as well.
I am not sure if Christianity in Japan is more challenging than it is in other countries.
Yes, Christians in Japan are less than 1% now, and declining too. The challenging thing for me as a Japanese Christian is to have really good Christian friend whose age is close to mine. I never had really close Christian friend in Japan. That was sometimes challenging to me.
In terms of evangelizing, I would say it is always challenging at any place in some sense. In Japan, it seems like churches look like places for “smart people”, " scholar-like people". So, I feel it is hard to “attract” younger generations to come to church. I would love to learn what Christians in other countries care about when evangelizing.

(Kazuma Nakahara) #7

It is great to see you here as well :+1: I feel you are so much closer.

Getting to know you and your family with limited time I had in the U.S. was one of the greatest blessing He gave to me. So, I thank the Lord for this encounter with brother in Christ.

I thought I could just add Yutaro to my friends list or something, just like we could on Twitter or Facebook. But it seems like it’s not how it works here, correct? I can see his page, but can’t do anything like sending him message…

(Yutaro) #8

Thank you so much for your wonderful introduction, Kazuma-san!
I am so blessed to hear from someone who is passionate about serving the Lord and sharing the gospel in Japan. I am very excited about what God has for your future!

KazumaさんをJapan Apologetics Teamというグループに招待しましたので、ぜひこちらにもご参加ください。これから一緒に日本宣教について語り合ったり祈り合ったりできたらうれしいです!

(Vibha) #9

Hi , welcome and glad to know about you and belive me its not long but interesting. And younare doing a wonderful job and it’s tough too. Great to have you here. God bless you in every walk of your life

(Kazuma Nakahara) #10

Thank you for your reply, Yutaro san! It’s exciting to see you here!


(Andrew Bulin) #11

@kazuma_nakahara, just a heads up: you should be able to access this now…

(Kazuma Nakahara) #12

Thanks Andrew… I’m sorry that I haven’t been able to get involved in this…
I am able to access the link now! It doesn’t seem that many Japanese are involved yet though. Hope there are more to come.

(Andrew Bulin) #13

No worries friend.
I think we are currently are in a stage of preparation, with hopes for an in gathering of interests. @Yutaro or @CarsonWeitnauer could probably speak more to that.

(Carson Weitnauer) #14

HI @kazuma_nakahara, @andrew.bulin,

Yea, that’s right. Starting a new community takes time. I would encourage you to start great conversations in Japanese in the If we host 3-5 great conversations about apologetics in this community each week, that will becoming something worth visiting RZIM Connect to see and participate in. Great conversations typically attract a crowd - at least, that’s my experience!

(Oryn Yong) #15

Hello @kazuma_nakahara!
May God grant you strength, courage and boldness !

(Lawrence ) #16

Hello, Kazuma!

Nice to meet you my name is Lawrence. I want to go to Japan in the autumn as a volunteer to teach English in the Tohoku region with OMF which is a Christian missionary organization focusing on Asia. I really care about Japanese people and want as many as many possible to know Christ.

(Japeth Barbecho) #17

Okaerinasai, Kazuma-san!