Introduction: My Name Marilyn

(Marilyn Mullins) #1

Hi everyone!
I am from Texas and discovered Ravi about two years ago while listening to my local radio station (KHCB for Keeping HIM Close By). I feel I have missed so much not having heard Ravi decades ago (am turning 60 this year). But it is always in HIS Time.
So Blessed to have discovered Ravi, an amazingly gifted individual! Am so grateful to Ravi and his team. Thank you!
My family is closer to Our Lord because of their work.

A series of events in 2018 (starting with my “retirement”) brought me much closer to the Lord and I now thirst to get to know HIM even better and more than ever.

Have attended, a few months ago, the Foundation Phase of the Apologetics course in Oxford at Wycliffe Hall and now just signed up for the Advance Phase.

So glad to be connected to you all and excited to be a part of this group.

(Kathleen) #2

Welcome to Connect, @Rockindm! We’re glad you’ve joined us here. I love that you were able to do the Apologetics course at Wycliffe! I was privileged to be able to study a year of theology there, and those walls have a special place in my heart. :slight_smile: Who were some of the speakers/lecturers that stood out to you? (Or was it taught by one person?)

(Warner Joseph Miller) #3

Welcome to RZIM Connect, sister! I appreciate your heart and desire to our God more fully and intimately. I also am a graduate of the Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics and it would not be an overstatement to say that my time there was truly life changing. I’m excited that you’re advancing in the course. I’m excited that you’re HERE, in the Connect community. And am excited for what is to come! God’s every blessing to you and your family! Grace and peace!:v:t6: