Introduction: My Name Mark

(Mark Dierolf) #1

Hi everyone my name is Mark Dierolf. I have been listening to Dr. Zacharias since the fall of 1998. I am a part of our leadership team at my local church and I own a small business with 12 employees. I am constantly looking for ways to improve and grow and look forward to connecting and growing through this site.

(Warner Joseph Miller) #2

Welcome to RZIM Connect, Mark! We appreciate you choosing to be apart of this humble online community and resource. We also look forward to hearing from you and hope that Connect would be a useful means towards your growth in our Lord and Messiah, Jesus. Grace and peace, brother!

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(M Schmidt) #3

Welcome Mark! I’m eager to see as well what an online community like this can provide. Definitely looking forward to seeing all the new ideas that I would never see just interacting within my small local community.

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