Introduction: Nana Kojo


(Bright Nana Kojo Aboagye Obeng) #1

Hi everyone! I am Bright Nana Kojo Aboagye Obeng. I work as a campus staff with the Ghana Fellowship of Evangelical Students of the IFES ministry. I am passionate about engaging Muslim students with the Gospel, seeing them come to Christ and get discipled. I am an alumni of the RZIM Academy. Having been greatly blessed by the academy, I can only believe I shall feel very much at home here where we can wrestle with the world’s questions and our own personal questions which will ultimately lead to bringing glory to Jesus Christ, being transformed by Him so we can help the thinker believe and the believer, think!


(Joshua Spare) #2

Welcome to Connect, @Nana-Kojo_22! I am excited to have you join our community here. It sounds like you will have a wealth of experience to add to the conversation. I hope that you do indeed feel at home in this community!

I’m curious, what would you say are the one or two questions that you encounter most frequently in engaging Muslim students in Ghana?

Again, welcome to Connect! I’m excited to have you join this community!

(Carson Weitnauer) #3

Hi @Nana-Kojo_22!

Such a delight to meet an IFES campus staff! I served with IFES in the United States (InterVarsity) for seven years - a formative and transformative time for me. I am also encouraged to hear that you are an alumni of the RZIM Academy and that those courses are enabling you to be a more effective witness to Muslim students in Ghana. How encouraging!

As Joshua asked, I want you to know that Connect is a safe, encouraging community of Spirit-filled Christians who can come alongside you as you get tough questions from Muslims. And - I know we can learn from your experience! Please take full advantage of the opportunity. We’d love to have everyone in the IFES movement in Ghana participating.

(Bright Nana Kojo Aboagye Obeng) #4

@jspare. Thanks Joshua! Engaging with Muslim students has been the most amazing growth curves. Aside building genuine relationships which i have come to believe leads to conversion, most of the questions are on Christology. Basically, on the deity of Jesus! The concept on the nature of God is often ascertained - whether he is a monad or trinitarian.

Feeling at home already!

(Bright Nana Kojo Aboagye Obeng) #5

Thanks @CarsonWeitnauer.

Good to know of your connection with IFES. I happen to have been on the same staff team with an IFES Link staff, Joshua Settles.

Working with students and on the university campus is a dynamic field of world missions.

(Carson Weitnauer) #6

Small world! I know Joshua! We served together in the southeast region. A great guy!

(Bright Nana Kojo Aboagye Obeng) #7

Amazing! Relationships are seamless. He is! He is a strategic thinker par excellence. He is a mentor as well.

(Carson Weitnauer) #8

That’s very cool. I remember him being incredibly intelligent. I’m not surprised to hear more praise for him!

(Bright Nana Kojo Aboagye Obeng) #9

You are right! We have a reason to get along.

(Bright Nana Kojo Aboagye Obeng) #10

God bless you and pray this community leads wonderful fellowship in Christ.