Introduction: Nancy2

(Nancy J Berg) #1

Hi everyone. I have been so blessed and encouraged these last several months listening to Ravi and associates teach and so lovingly and kindly interact with people during Q&A sessions. I look forward to learning much in this community.

(Joshua Spare) #2

Welcome to Connect, @Nancy2! I’m excited to have you along here in this Connect community, I look forward to seeing you interact with the conversations out on the forums. But in the meantime, I would love to learn a bit more about you - where are you from? what keeps you busy? what brought you to Connect?

(Nancy J Berg) #3

Hi. Thank you for the warm welcome. In short, I got to RZIM Connect from listening to the replay of the Gender seminar—which was so beautifully and sensitively discussed! And I connected to RZIM thru my 86 year old mom who now has very advanced dementia–I care for her in my home. (I’m a pediatric nurse of 30 years, but very part time now in this season of caregiving.) Mom has been a long time listener to Ravi/RZIM. Since last August, when mom became homebound after breaking her sacrum, I started to really tune in and listen/watch with her on Youtube, to pass the long days together. We listen to all sorts of wonderful Bible teachers, but Ravi has always been one of her favorites. Mom doesn’t always know how we are related, requires 24/7 direct care and can barely walk anymore, but she listens intently whenever Ravi or RZIM staff is sharing, with tears still roll down her cheeks. Her brain may not be able to remember a word of what is said or process what it means anymore, but her spirit is alive and still sensitive when the Truth goes out with the love, grace, kindness that God has gifted RZIM with.

Eager to learn and grow in how to better interact, both in the world and the church, in the midst of controversial issues. My goodness, there is so much vitriol and contention out there! :flushed: I want to learn how to break thru that, become a better-more secure listener in Christ, and respond with His kind heart, without backing off or avoiding all together from speaking what is true. You folks have so much to share, model, and teach in that arena. Excited to be able to join such a community.

(Joshua Spare) #4

I am so sorry to hear about your mother - it must be a difficult situation. But what a beautiful picture of her responding to the preaching of God’s word! And praise God for you and your willingness to care for her in this time!

(Linda Nikitin) #5

Tuesday, February 19, 2019
Hullo Nancy,
Thanks SO MUCH for sharing about you and your Mom. I love the fact that your Mom is a long time RZIM listener and that your Mom’s spirit is alive and she is responding to the truth as she hears it.
Please let me know how I can pray for you.


(Nancy J Berg) #6

Thank you for your kindness. She is a dear sweet woman yet, despite it all. So grateful she has been spared the hard personality changes which is so common with dementia. It is a gift to me as well. :heart:

(Nancy J Berg) #7

Thank you Linnie for your warm note. Yes, mom continues to be a joy. Her faith and spirit are still strong, despite her failing frame. As far as prayer goes, you could pray I would get everything out of this last season with mom that the Lord has for us. Lots to learn and grow in during long mundane days/years–contentment, resting in His Presence, laying down my Martha tendencies more and more, trust for the future, treasuring each day, etc. Bless you and thank you.

(Billie Corbett) #8

Hello Nancy,

What a lovely testimony of your love and care for your mother…and ultimately, God’s faithful love and care for her (and you, too).
I hope I am able to be like your mom…if I am stricken with dementia.
It is something I worry about, and am praying preemptively about! :blush:
Aging is very challenging territory!

(Nancy J Berg) #9

Yes, my grandpa used to say, “You got to be tough to grow old.” :blush:. So grateful we know Him and He never leaves or forsakes us, thru the whole journey til we see Him face to face. A friend told be to read a book by the private caregiver of Corrie Ten Boom. It’s called, “The Last 5 Silent Years of Corrie Ten Boom” or something like that. It was a beautiful read of Corrie’s prep for aging, dealing with a stroke and the last difficult years she had, yet she had peace in it all. Though she couldn’t talk, Corrie kept teaching all those around her – kinda like mom. Also, how God used that mundane time of caregiving in the author’s life too, for good and her spiritual growth/maturing in Christ. Great read. Bless you!

(Billie Corbett) #10

Thank you for your lovely response. I am a avid, somewhat feracious reader. Your recommendation will definitely be followed up. Do you know the author’s name? (I hope Amazon has it.)
I have an interesting habit that I have developed over years of reading. (Kindle books makes it so much easier!) When I am reading a book I am enjoying, if the author mentions another book, related to their topic, I highlight it and order it. It often creates an interesting chain of literature. For example, my best friend recommended a book she was reading. “Amazing Grace”, by Eric Metaxas. It was a great read…lots of Christian / world history around the abolition of slavery in English Law. There were an number of references to other significant people in this book, so, I looked for their written material or biographies about them…What a blessing! One of the best books that came out of this linking of literature, was a book by John Newton, called Cardiphonia, Letters from a Pastor’s Heart. (An amazing, personal look into the heart of a historical Christian man of faith.)
Or another example, just recently, I was listening to an online sermon of Alastair Begg and he mentioned a Missionary Doctor he knew…then, recommended her autiobiography, “Give me this Mountain’ by Helen Roseveare.
This simple reading habit has opened up a whole world of new reading material, that I might otherwise never of come across. Praise God for those of His people who can write their experience and thoughts down, so generations to come can benefit from their testimony.
Since aging and illness is a concern for me at this stage in my life…I am seriously interested in how others have finished their course to the praise and glory of God.
Thank you, once again.

(Nancy J Berg) #11

I read Helen Rosenvere’s book years ago. I need to dig that out of here somewhere. You just stirred fond memories of another great read. Classic mission book. :heart:. You must have a wonderful library. My mom was a big reader too. Here is the Amazon link to the book I was referring to. Blessings! ~ N

(Billie Corbett) #12

Thank you…I have down loaded it.
It will have to wait in line…but, I am looking forward to reading it.
I have never read anything about Corrie before. In fact, I have never read any of her writings before. (A reaction … which I won’t bore you with.)
Better late than never.
(If you are interested in a few excellent reads around missions…I have a couple that are not that well know.)